We’re back and we’re changing!

Hello all. As you may have noticed if you’ve followed us, we have now been inactive for a number of months. The Black Ink Pen was created for a university assessment in digital media and therefore had to stop updating in the time it was being marked. However, that is now done, so we’re hoping […]

Weekly Writing Prompt – #23 – New York

Today we have another location prompt . New York is a world away from the rural moors of England, but has just as much history and intrigue attached. If your familiar with the city, think about the small details. What about the area would most people miss? And what might noticing these details say about […]

Weekly Writing Prompt – #22 – Dartmoor

Dartmoor, located in Devon, England, has many stories attached to it. One of the most well known is The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle, which later influenced a BBC Sherlock episode of a similar name. For some Dartmoor legends, click here. Dartmoor is a large area filled with rocky outcrops and rivers, […]

Weekly Writing Prompt – #17 – Cat in a Tree

The above image is today’s prompt. Animals and objects can present a unique challenge in writing if you assume their point of view. What could they be thinking? Feeling? How different would things look through their eyes, and what if they didn’t have the right words to explain it? Inspired by this prompt? Add your […]